The Jesus And Mary Chain: 30th Anniversary of Psychocandy – Tickets – College Street Music Hall. – New Haven, CT – September 30th, 2015

The Jesus And Mary Chain: 30th Anniversary of Psychocandy

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The Jesus And Mary Chain: 30th Anniversary of Psychocandy

The Black Ryder

Wed, September 30, 2015

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


This event is all ages

The Jesus and Mary Chain
The Jesus and Mary Chain
Few bands have had such a huge effect on musical culture as The Jesus and Mary Chain. Their attitude alone, dressed in black, angry with the world, playing short sets drenched in feedback, set the bench mark in the post Sex Pistols music scene of London. Their seminal debut album Psychocandy would go on to change the course of popular music, channeling the sneering angst and noise distortion of the live shows into hypnotic sweet melodies layered with dark lyrics that would beguile and bewilder.

Released into the world, The Jesus and Mary Chain became the darlings of British press as they searched to find the owner of the post punk crown in the mid 80’s. With strong Velvet Underground influences and a despondent but melodic wall of noise, they went on to become the inspiration for such critically acclaimed bands such as My Bloody Valentine in the early 90’s.

The band formed in East Kilbride, a wasteland on the outskirts of Glasgow, Scotland in 1983, around the writing partnership of the Reid brothers, William and Jim. They soon moved to London and their “win or die trying” attitude and thrashing guitar sound was bought to the attention of Alan Mcgee and Creation records by Bobby Gillespie, vocalist with another Scottish band Primal Scream. The first single “Upside Down” was released and Gillespie joined the band as drummer. Gillespie pursued the Velvet Underground single snare and floor tom sound that became prevalent on the recording of the Psychocandy album.

In stark contrast to the adrenaline-fueled 15-minute live shows that often ended in violence and riot (as the Reids’ inflammatory interaction with the thrill-hungry crowd saw them provoking utter chaos), the slow throbbing noise pop Psychcocandy album spawned such classics as “Just Like Honey” and “Some Candy Talking.”

The Jesus and Mary Chain got picked up by US college radio and, amongst the heavy rotation playlist, a North American Tour followed.

The Album Darklands was released, as the tour ended in more chaos following Jim Reid’s arrest for allegedly assaulting a member of the audience in Canada who heckled him.

In 1994, the album Stoned & Dethroned was released and a single taken from the album “Sometimes Always” featuring Hope Sandoval from Mazzy Star gave the band a commercial hit. They showcased the song on The Late Show with David Letterman bordering on a mainstream American breakthrough, in true Mary Chain style, it took another four years to put out another US album: Munki, released by Seattle’s Sub Pop (original home of Nirvana, who were huge fans of the band).

A succession of well documented break-ups fueled by brotherly love and internal tensions followed, William took up resindence in Los Angeles and Jim returned to the UK. The brothers came together in 2007 to perform at Coachella Music Festival, to be joined onstage by Scarlett Johansson for the “Just Like Honey” hit.

In 2012, the band embarked on a series of North American dates during which Jim revealed that he and his brother had written songs for a new album. “ We have a bunch of new stuff, there’s been this album that everyone has talked about.”

Following the bands re acquaintance with Creation Management in 2014 they are engaged in a series of festival dates across the globe. Things have come full circle for the brothers Reid. Both William and Jim are totally invigorated by the prospect of performing live again and finishing off the elusive album as well as a slight wink towards the 2015, the 30 year anniversary of Psychocandy.
The Black Ryder
The Black Ryder
‘The Door Behind the Door’ transforms The Black Ryder’s kaleidoscopic sound and vision into something even more vivid, uncompromising, and sublime, bringing in new textures and emotions and moments of catharsis and transcendence. (Matt Diehl: Spin / Rolling Stone / T Magazine / Billboard)

The Black Ryder is a collaboration between Australian duo Aimee Nash & Scott Von Ryper now based in Los Angeles.

Their debut album ‘Buy The Ticket, Take the Ride’ was released through Nash & Rypers own imprint The Anti-Machine Machine & EMI Music (Australia), Mexican Summer (USA) in September 2010 & Vinyl Junkie (Japan).

Their highly anticipated follow up ‘The Door Behind the Door’ was released internationally through The Anti-Machine Machine & The Orchard on 24th February 2015.

PITCHFORK: The moaning feedback drone in “Seventh Moon” has the gorgeousness of a Neil Halstead lead, “Let Me Be Your Light” has a candy-kissed psychedelic swirl, strings and all, that serves as the perfect backdrop for Nash’s whispery vocals, and “Until the Calm of Dawn” brings to mind the acid-fried Disneyfications of prime Mercury Rev, with a twinkly music box set against a sweeping orchestral arrangement.

THE GUARDIAN: The Door Behind the Door, is beautifully slow burning, its grinding guitars and heavy layers of dark, feted romance akin to Spiritualized and the Jesus and Mary Chain.

NOISEY: The Black Ryder tends to swirl together breathy post-rock crescendos, plaintive shoegaze melodies, and psychedelic sprawl to create a greater, sprawling whole. The LA-based Australian duo (comprised of former couple Aimée Nash & Scott Von Ryper) does so to great effect on its latest record, The Door Behind the Door.

UNCUT MAGAZINE: 8/10 – Nu-shoegazers trip the dark fantastic. Offering black-on-black swirls of hypnotic psych gloom, The Black Ryder’s belated follow-up to 2009’s ‘Buy The Ticket, Take the Ride’ is a heavy trip indeed… constructing intricate mini-universes of MBV-like noise on the brilliant ‘Let Me Be Your Light’ or exploring Primal Scream-ish acid-soul on ‘Throwing Stones’.

STEREOGUM: Ethereal drone, ceremonial percussion, and dead-eyed harmonies carry on together until they build up to something sublime. There’s never really a climax because the whole thing feels like one overwhelming wave of gorgeous noise.

LOUDER THAN WAR: The Black Ryder have been making a great psychedelic noise for past few months that has culminated in their new album which will be their breakthrough moment. They sound like the greatest band that Creation never released in their golden period and their blissful tripped out indie perfection is quite magical.
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